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Avoiding Counterfeit Components

XTREME Semiconductor™ is a Solutions company offering assistance to companies requiring a continued source of Obsolete and End-Of-Life products. XTREME Semiconductor™, a company recognized for its creative solutions to industry problems is a leader in manufacturing, locating and sourcing obsolete semiconductor product. When XTREME cannot re-manufacture a product from OCM original die, we can offer you other creative solutions and options to service your needs. One such option we call Certified EOL™ Product. This process helps customers mitigate the risks associated with receiving counterfeit semiconductor products. All Certified EOL™ Product go through a multi-faceted product validation plan prior to actually accepting the product from the broker. This material is recertified by XTREME Semiconductor™ to be authentic OCM material and comes with a One Year Warranty equal to what the original OCM offered when they were new.

XTREME Semiconductor™ sourcing techniques and capabilities are unique to the industry making us a cross between an OCM, Independent Distributor and Authorized Aftermarket Distribution. None of these other companies offer the types of services we offer. The OCM will not help you with End-Of-Life product; the Independent Distributor will not provide a One Year Warranty, and Authorized Aftermarket Distribution will not provide you with anything other than what is in their stock... XTREME Semiconductor™ provides a solution and service for all of these situations.

Please take the time to view one of several presentations we have given on "Avoiding Counterfeit Semiconductor Product" outlining the risks of the Broker/Independent Distribution market and the services and merits that our Certified EOL™ Product offers.

With the influx of counterfeit semiconductor product entering the supply chain through the "broker market" this has created a serious risk to the quality and reliability of products and systems manufactured by companies who purchase these products. Counterfeit semiconductor products, largely coming from China, have made their way into almost every segment of the industry, from high reliability products used by the military, to commercial grade consumer products. Products sold through the broker market no longer carry the Original Component Manufacturers (OCM) warranty. Nor do they have a Certification of Conformance (C of C), an industry recognized document of "authenticity", providing traceability back to the OCM. Companies buying products without a C of C, providing traceability back to the original OCM, run a high risk of receiving counterfeit products in today's market.

The price associated with combating this industry problem may be considered by some to be high, but the price of inaction can be catastrophic. Companies buying product in the broker market risk bearing the financial burden of receiving counterfeit product, which can amount to many times the original purchase price. Without taking action to mitigate their risk, they are jeopardizing their own quality reputation should counterfeit product make its way into their finished assemblies or systems.

XTREME Semiconductor PDF Presentations
XTREME Semiconductor Certified EOL™ Product Brochure - February 2018

Counterfeit Components Presentations
DMSMS & Standardization 2011, Hollywood, Florida August 29 - September 1, 2011
DMSMS & Standardization 2009, Orlando, Florida September 21-24, 2009
AVCOM Emerald Coast Conference Center, Fort Walton Beach, Florida June 7-9 2011
AVCOM Emerald Coast Convention Center, Fort Walton Beach, Florida July 13-14, 2010
DMSMS & Standardization 2009, Orlando, Florida September 21-24, 2009
Aging Aircraft 2009, Kansas City, Missouri, May 5, 2009

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© XTREME Semiconductors™. All rights reserved. Xtreme Semiconductors™ provides the following products and services to the Aerospace, Military and Defence as an aftermarket supplier of Analog-to-digital converters, Certified EOL™ Product, microcircuits, high temperature products, plastic packaging, QML certified products, radiation Hardened IC's, Hi-Rel products, DMS products, custom packaging, and the prevention of Counterfeit products in the Microelectronics industry. Xtreme Semiconductors™ is also involved in product assembly, die banking, lab suitability testing, replacing obsolete microcircuits, obsolete semiconductors, through-hole technology, trailing edge technology, quality conformance testing, End of life of products, semiconductor authenticity testing and as an independent distributor and aftermarket supplier